RichLite are well acknowledged Manufacturer and Supplier established in India. We are the biggest name in the market offering LED products like LED Modules, LED DIP, Switched Mode Power Supply, LED Drivers, LED Rigid Bar, LED Cob Lights, LED Tube Lights, LED Panel, Pixel Led, etc.

Our LED products are manufactured using high quality products, and are popular with global customers for advertising and countless other uses. For instance, many of our LED products are applied to green energy saving products like decorative lights, festoon lightings, illumination, photogenic module, LED light strips, and so on.

Our objective is to be your long-term strategic partner, to help you optimize your profitability, and to provide you with stylish Led products of first-rate workmanship at highly competitive prices – with prompt and reliable service.To us, the customer always comes first.


Quality: It is a must! “Things must be done and done well”

Performance: Constantly improve and consolidate our capabilities by upgrading our equipment and developed unique different led items in according to needs;

Innovation: We strive to find niche markets to differentiate from our competitions to provide to our customers with a competitive edge;

Customer Service: Flexibility is one of our key elements to customer satisfaction. our focus on being a dynamic back up for its customers. we feel concern because your problem is also our problems!